Herd of giraffes and rhinos stroll past stopped car on safari

Seeing wild animals in a a natural habitat is a wonderful experience. Much different than in a zoo, these animals on this African Safari have vast expanses of land to roam and other animals to interact with. They have an abundance of food and a very natural existence. They have also become accustomed to seeing occasional visitors and they will often allow a close approach if the conditions are right. This lucky safari guest was parked in a vehicle watching the animals from a distance. Perhaps out of curiosity, the animals strolled closer over time and eventually walked right past the vehicle, allowing a spectacular view of both of the herds. Giraffes thrive in harsh, drought riddled climates of Africa due to their long necks that allow them to reach higher vegetation than any other animals can. This allows them to graze easily when food on the ground is in low supply. Their necks also provide them with a means of defense as they swing their bony skulls at predators like a mallet. Their short, but firm horns can deliver a stunning blow, if needed. Other animals benefit from following giraffe herds because their high vantage points allow them to spot predators from a great distance. Animals are able to see a reaction from the giraffes if lions or hyenas are on the prowl. Fortunately for the rhinos seen following them, there are no predators that would dare attack a full grown rhinoceros. Although they are gentle in disposition, they are one of the largest and most formidable animals on the planet.