Herd of majestic giraffes take a serious interest in tourist bus

Giraffes are majestic and beautiful animals. They tower over everything with a presence that can be seen as well as felt. These are reticulated giraffes, also known as Somali giraffes, native to the Horn of Africa. They roam through Somalia, northern Kenya, and southern Ethiopia. This herd of giraffes was wandering through a protected safari habitat when they crossed a small road, stopping traffic. The awesome sight of such huge beasts was enough to make people stop and stare. A tour bus that was passing through also stopped and guests on the bus were treated to a very close view of the animals as they approached curiously and peered into the bus. One of the giraffes even licked the air conditioner unit on top of the bus. This part of the bus is very cold and can have condensation on it that would interest the giraffe. The person in the car recording this was able to capture the footage by sticking a camera through the sun roof opening. Having giraffes wander calmly so close to his car was a thrill that will never be forgotten. Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world, reaching heights of more than 18 feet. With such a high vantage point, and very keen eyesight, they are able to see threats such as lions almost a mile away. They live in herds for mutual protection, relying on the senses of the other animals to help them identify and avoid threats. If one giraffe stops and stares, all the others will notice and they will also look in the same direction to see what the first giraffe has spotted. Very fast runners, with powerful legs, giraffes are not easy prey for any carnivores. They can weigh over 4,000lbs and they have the ability to kill a large animal with a strike from their hooves, or even their head. Very protective of their young, a mother giraffe can hold off even a determined pride of lions, if necessary. Bull giraffes have been known to trample predators to death. Unless threatened or alarmed, giraffes are among the most peaceful and beautiful of all the animals. These tourists were incredibly lucky to see so many from such a short distance.