Here's a look at Ralph Lauren's opening, closing ceremony team uniforms for USA

NEW YORK – The cruise down the Seine to officially ring in the 2024 Summer Olympics will be an unforgettable moment for Team USA athletes.

While the closing ceremony may not receive the same level of hype, particularly one as unique as the Paris Games, there is one thing Team USA members can definitely look forward to on Aug. 11: that sporty racecar-driver-style jacket designed by Ralph Lauren, the Team USA outfitter for the ninth consecutive Olympics.

“I think all the pieces are so unique and so cool,” American kiteboarder Daniela Moroz said of the entire Paris 2024 collection. “This closing ceremony jacket, I love a good racing jacket.”

For Paralympic swimmer Jamal Hill, the closing ceremony get-up is his favorite fit from the collection. To him, it’s a combination of “cowboy tuxedo” vibes and Formula 1 style.

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Jamal Hill models the closing ceremony jacket from Ralph Lauren for the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Jamal Hill models the closing ceremony jacket from Ralph Lauren for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The entire Paris 2024 collection is appealing, he said.

“A really great infusion of modern style along with that classic American energy,” he said. “I’ll definitely be wearing it outside the Paralympic Village.”

Ralph Lauren works closely with Team USA and the goal, as always, is to “do something graphic and uniquely American,” chief brand and innovation officer David Lauren said.

“This is definitely the most exciting Olympics we’ve been a part of,” Lauren told USA TODAY. “The opportunity to go to Paris, to be in the center of Europe, it feels like you’re in the center of the world for this one.”

Everything produced by Ralph Lauren borrows from the style the company has developed since it began in 1967. The closing ceremony race jacket “is already one of the most-coveted pieces we’ve created,” Lauren said.

The opening ceremony uniform is a modern take on a tailored look. On top, a tailored single-breasted wool blazer with red and white tipping is worn over a striped oxford shirt. The bottom is a more casual tapered jean and classic suede buck shoe fit.

“I really enjoy this opening ceremony (jacket),” BMX rider Kamren Larsen told USA TODAY. “It makes me feel dapper. It’s cliche, but look good, feel good, and hopefully you can be good, too.”

To account for the heat, the company constantly looks at different fabrics and layering systems to keep the athlete’s body temperature in check, Lauren said. All items in both the opening and closing ceremony outfits are manufactured in the United States.

Another piece of the collection that received universal praise from the athletes was a retro bomber jacket.

“It has a really nice 80s vibe to it,” para-track athlete Roderick Townsend said.

Townsend also liked the racing jacket from the closing ceremony, but as someone who calls Phoenix, Arizona home, he may not have much need for it in the future.

The village-wear collection features the brand’s first-ever 100% recycled cotton Polo shirt. Other village-wear items include sporty varsity jackets, vintage-style rugby shirts and the classic American flag sweater with a twist.

“They just hit the nail on the head with everything,” Moroz said.

The gear is available at Ralph Lauren stores,, and other select stores in the U.S. and France.

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