Here's how much Cochrane council took home in 2023

COCHRANE - The Town of Cochrane paid just over $45,000 in conference expenses for council in 2023.

A report containing Cochrane’s monthly council expenses for 2023 was brought forward at a regular meeting on Feb. 13.

Last year, the amount each councillor spent attending conferences is:

The total spent on conference expenses is $45,014.

During the Feb. 13 meeting, Charron-Lemieux said she noticed the numbers of those attending conferences is “very high.”

“Now that may change this year because we’ve all been to a bunch but I think it’s something we need to keep an eye on,” she said.

The base salary for councillors is $11,100 and the mayor's salary is $25,399. In addition to that, members may also receive other benefits.

In 2023, the amount each councillor took home is:

The total spent on payroll is $99,767.

The base wage for each councillor is $11,100. The base wage for the mayor is $24,399.96.

Read the full report here.

Marissa Lentz, Local Journalism Initiative,