Here's the pickup line A-Rod used to warm Jennifer Lopez's heart

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have a fun first date story. (AP Photo)

The rehabilitation of former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been interesting to watch. He’s made strides in baseball, where he’s established himself as one of the better analysts around. But by dating Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod’s appeal has extended more into general celebrity culture. The two are even getting profiles in Vanity Fair now!

Perhaps you’re sick of the A-Rod narrative. At a certain point, it gets tough to hear about his struggles when he’s made over $300 million and is currently dating Jennifer Lopez.

Yeah, A-Rod has it all … or, at least, a lot of it. But if you were looking for one area where maybe he could use some work, it might be his flirting skills. During the article, A-Rod and JLo talk about their first date, and Lopez reveals the text she received from Rodriguez that seems to have won her over.

Ready for it? Ok, here it is:

“So I’m sitting there and he’s walking back, and I get a text,” Lopez continues. “It says . . . ” She looks significantly at Rodriguez. “You can tell her!” he says. “ ‘You look sexy AF,’ ” she tells me. They both laugh.

There you have it. If you happen to not be a Millennial, the “A” in “AF” stands for “as.” The “F” … we can’t print here.

The longer story there adds some context, and makes it slightly more amusing. Apparently, A-Rod didn’t realize he was on a date with JLo. When she hinted at being single, he had to “get up and go re-adjust my thoughts.” He sent her that text from the bathroom mid-date.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t pick on Rodriguez too much. How would you react if Jennifer Lopez started dropping hints she wanted to start dating you? Maybe you would talk a big game now, but in that moment? Forget it.

And we can’t ignore the fact that the line did work. Considering that, we have to grade A-Rod’s flirting skills as passable AF.

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