This city will have the worst spring in Canada

Tired of winter? Spring is right around the corner and here’s what you can expect for the season!

According to AccuWeather and The Weather Network, Toronto is going to have the worst spring in all of Canada. Ontario and Quebec are looking at above average days with rain and snow which means there will also be a risk of flooding. The two provinces are also going to have cloudier and cooler days compared to past spring seasons, particularly in Ottawa and Thunder Bay. The rainiest city in Canada this spring is a tie between Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

If you live in the east, you’re in luck! The Maritimes are predicted to have beautiful weather, with slightly milder temperatures than normal in Halifax and St. Johns.

Vancouver is expected to have the most unstable weather with the rainy conditions from winter lingering on. March and April are expected to be cool and wet across the province, but this pattern should reverse by May and bring warmer and drier weather.

As for the Prairies, the cold weather they had this winter is going to linger into the spring with below average chill across Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Are you excited for spring?