HiBy high-fidelity audio devices are bringing the punk back to portable audio

HIBY R4 digital audio player worn on lanyard with style

You know, it’s funny that phones do so much these days. Depending on the brand, so many features and functions are crammed into that little device that you almost don’t need to carry anything else. But there are times, because they do so many different things, they don’t necessarily do one thing particularly well — they might skimp on features or hardware for the sake of that universal support. So, when you want something more specialized, like high-fidelity and incredible quality audio for music playback and more, there aren’t a whole lot of options. In that case, springing for an entirely separate device, such as HiBy’s incredible high-fidelity portable audio systems, can be better. Even more so when they’re imbued with the essence of punk — what good music is all about.

Think of them as new-age digital Walkmans. They’re explicitly designed to break away from the ordinary with stylish, almost Cyberpunky outfitting. But more importantly, they’re Android-based, offering hours upon hours of playback — up to 11 hours of runtime on a single charge for the R4, for instance — and they offer precise, powerful specifications that are unmatched in your average smartphone. The HiBy R4 is equipped with a four-way ES9018C2M DAC array for superior digital-analog conversion, utilizes a Class A amplification system with zero crossover distortion, and even supports native playback of DSD 256 formats and PCM formats up to 32-bit or 768kHz. Audiophiles will instantly recognize how meta all of that is. For anyone else, just know it’s impressive.

But portable audio players aren’t the only devices HiBy has up its sleeves. It also offers a variety of additional high-fidelity audio gear.

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Exploring HiBy’s high-fidelity audio devices

Let’s examine some of HiBy’s premiere offerings closely to get a better idea of how special they truly are.

HiBy R4

HiBy R4 display in green with music onscreen

The HiBy R4 is a four-way, high-fidelity Android digital audio player. At a glance, it sure looks like a smartphone, albeit with a more cyborg and industrial-retro-futuristic design, combining what HiBy claims are “cyberpunk and mecha” elements. It’s powered by Android 12 and has a large 4.7-inch touchscreen display on the front, plus Bluetooth 5.2 and dual-band WiFi wireless connectivity. It comes in three colors: silver-black, orange-black, and green-black.

But what’s most interesting is that it offers superior digital-analog conversions, native playback of non-standard formats, and full amplification with zero crossover distortion for crystal-clear audio and high-performance playback. HiBy’s customized software, running over Android, significantly enhances the experience. You’re getting great sound on a level like never before, certainly unlike you’ll find in the average smartphone, but at a fraction of the cost.

HiBy X FAudio Project Ace

HiBy Project Ace headphones lifestyle image

They don’t just offer digital media players; the Project Ace is a uniquely styled in-ear headphones. Born out of a collaboration between HiBy and FAudio, it leverages the expertise of both brands to capitalize on superior sound quality. You’ve never heard anything quite like this before.

Inside are 12mm Mg-alloy and Be-plated dynamic drivers, which offer enhanced clarity and a punchy, dynamic response. They also incorporate a Triple Built-in Acoustic Chamber (TBAC) to allow for precise airflow, producing natural sound to give it more of an authentic, live feel. The CNC-machined shell with an anodized finish gives it a refined appearance yet a decidedly tactile feel. The ergonomic design with multiple silicone and memory foam ear tip options allows you to find your perfect fit.

While they support multiple detachable cables, they come with everything you need, including a Litz Type 5 coaxial shielded and balanced wire and 3.5 stereo and 4.4 balanced 4-PIN lock gold-plated adapters.

HiBy FD5

HiBy FD5 HiFi amplifier product image

Meant to enhance your audio elsewhere, the HiBy FD5 is a multi-functional desktop-grade and heavy-duty headphone amplifier. It can produce studio-grade sound and supports lossless audio formats, meaning you can use it to get the most out of your existing gear. It’s compatible with USB and Bluetooth input and has independent 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs and line outputs. It’s a new product from the brand, launching on July 8, and currently available for preorder.

The gorgeous, cyberpunk-style design will fit right in with any office setup, especially a gaming den. The sharp body lines, squared edges, front-facing LEDs, and transparent OLED display give it a futuristic-x-retro vibe. The all-metal chassis is durable and protects the 1.1-inch OLED display nestled on the front.

Build your dream audio setup with HiBy

The options seem eclectic initially, with digital audio players, headphones, and desktop-grade amplifiers rounding out HiBy’s excellent mix of gear. But they’re all audio-related, and that’s exactly what the brand is about. They aim to give everyone a new way to listen however you may prefer to do so.

Above all, HiBy is pushing the boundaries of modern audio to new heights. We’re not in Kansas anymore, folks, more likely Night City.

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