Hidden camera shows how sneaky beagle steals full cups of coffee

Buddha is a rescued beagle who has a nose and stomach that are always working overtime. He suffers from seizures that have left him disadvantaged. He was abandoned by his first owner who was not willing to provide the care that he needed, but he found more than enough love in this forever home. But Buddha tests the boundaries with his antics and his lack of training. He can smell food at great distances and zero right in and his nose doesn't just lead him to food that dogs are supposed to like. He will eat or drink almost anything. He discovered that the family van often has half finished coffee in the cup holder and he developed quite a taste for it. Kristy would carry her groceries in and then return shortly afterwards to get her coffee. It was suddenly disappearing from the open van without a trace. There was little doubt about who was behind this, but it was hard to imagine that Buddha was smart enough to carefully lift out a near full cup of coffee. Hidden cameras in and around the van told the story. Buddha is crafty enough to climb in and then carry the cup out, only spilling a little bit of it on the front seat. Then he trots down the path to a quiet spot in the trees where he can gulp it down. After watching from a distance and seeing the close up footage, this family actually had to give the dog credit for this stunt. Buddha is no angel but he makes up for it by being so lovable!

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