High school baseball player unleashes giant bat flip ... on a foul ball

The best bat flips of all-time have one thing in common: They usually occur during dramatic moments. With the game on the line, one player comes up big, and then punctuates that clutch hit with a massive bat flip.

They usually don’t come on foul balls.

But that didn’t stop one Taiwanese high school player for unleashing a tremendous bat flip on a ball that would wind up in foul territory.

Your first inclination is to probably make fun of the player since he just bat-flipped a foul ball. But he gave so much effort that we can’t be too upset. Also, the flying bat when the camera cuts to a different shot made us laugh. We’re fully on board.

Here’s the slow-mo shot, which makes the hit a little more impressive. He made excellent contact. That ball was crushed.

The player in question here is Chiu Dan, according to Sung Min Kim. Dan will be 18 later in the year, and is considered a pretty big prospect.

We don’t have the full scouting report on Dan, but we’ll guess his bat flip tool is elite.

One high school player threw his bat a long way on this foul ball. (Images via @sung_minkim on Twitter)

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