Higher fees, asbestos surcharge coming to Wellington County dumps in 2021

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COUNTY OF WELLINGTON – Tipping fees at waste facilities are scheduled to go up for Wellington County residents in 2021.

Das Soligo, manager of solid waste services for the County of Wellington, presented a report to the solid waste services (SWS) committee meeting on Tuesday with a few changes waste facility user fees proposed for next year.

He explained that a consultant report from 2019 recommended increasing tipping fees to the average of neighbouring municipalities.

Next year, the rate is set to go up to $115 per tonne of waste delivered to a facility compared to $97.50 this year. This is the same increase of $17.50 seen this year.

Another proposed change is the addition of an asbestos surcharge, which Soligo’s report notes is standard in most municipalities.

The report proposes a flat fee of $150 on top of the tonnage rate to offset any costs associated with burying asbestos waste.

“There’s special handling requirements for asbestos waste involving the contracting out of heavy equipment,” Soligo explained to the committee.

“We propose this only applies to large contractor loads … the decision on what constitutes a large load will be at the discretion of the site supervisor or myself."

The other change was in regards to listed rates at the Elora and Rothsay facilities which do not have scales.

Signage at these facilities indicate that a carload costs $15, pick-up truck and trailer loads both cost $30.

The report recommends removing the posted rate and having staff assess what the cost would be at these particular sites.

“Those listed prices are inconsistent with the fact that our tipping fee has been increasing over the years while those rates remain the same,” Soligo said. “Our staff are very well versed in assessing waste loads.”

He said it can be difficult to explain to those who have loads assessed at a higher rate with a sign that seems to contradict them.

Soligo said that scales will be put in place at both sites by the end of 2022.

He said that budget impacts from these changes are expected to be minimal.

The committee unanimously approved the recommendation.

Keegan Kozolanka, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, GuelphToday.com