Hikers trapped by high tides airlifted to safety from Bay of Fundy

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Hikers trapped by high tides airlifted to safety from Bay of Fundy

Three people and a dog had to be rescued by helicopter Friday on the coast of Noel Shore when they were trapped by rapidly rising Bay of Fundy tides.

The two adults, a child and their pet were strapped into harnesses and pulled up into the aircraft that hovered above Burntcoat Head Park where the family had been hiking.

A video of the dramatic rescue taken by one of the firefighters on scene showed one of the hikers being lifted from the side of a cliff as the Bay of Fundy rushed in.

The CH-149 Cormorant helicopter flew the hikers to a nearby parking lot to be checked by paramedics. They were shaken up and cold but otherwise unhurt by the ordeal. After being released by paramedics, the family headed home to warm up without speaking to media about their close call. 

Fire Chief Wayne Greene and his crew from the Noel and District Volunteer Fire Department were at the scene.

"All went well, it could have ended a lot worse," Greene said.

The water would have risen another five feet at the site where the family was rescued, he said. People need to be aware of the power of the tides since the water there rises very quickly. 

"Have great respect for that water. It can trap you, it comes in and around you. You need to be very careful," the fire chief said. 

It was the first time his department had been called to a rescue at park, he said.

Burntcoat Head Park is a popular hiking spot where tourists can walk along the floor of the basin when the tide is out. 

It was closed to the public Friday.