Hilary Duff is dealing with 'mom guilt' ahead of baby No. 2

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Hilary Duff, at the Imagine If, With Jif contest kickoff in NYC on Aug. 27, talks about growing her family. (Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Jif)

Hilary Duff can’t wait to welcome her baby girl — in part because she is “ready to not be pregnant” — but like many women, she’s experiencing some “mom guilt” as her family grows.

When asked whether she is ready for diaper duty and sleepless nights again, Duff, who’s already mom to 6-year-old son Luca, tells Yahoo Entertainment at the Imagine If, With Jif kickoff on Monday, “Luckily I have a boyfriend who doesn’t sleep.” Duff has been dating singer-songwriter Matthew Koma since early 2017. “He’s like: ‘Gosh, I got the best deal out of this: I already got to see the kind of mom you’re going to be, which I know is amazing, and you know everything [about taking care of a baby]. So I got to totally cheat the system.’ I was like: ‘Babe, I forget all of the [newborn] stuff,'” she laughs. “I know I’m a damn good swaddler. I know [changing] diapers never bugged me. But we’re going to figure it out together.”

What “I don’t know,” the Younger star, 31, continues, “is what it’s like to have two kids. I know that Luca is pretty self-sufficient, but I think there’s some guilt that comes along with losing time [together].” But she has been trying to get ahead of it by taking “a few special trips” this summer, “just the two of us. It was really nice. It’s been him and I for six years,” says Duff, who split from Luca’s dad, her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, in 2014. “But I’m ready. I’m ready to not be pregnant, so I’m ready for the baby. And I really want to meet her and see what she looks like. I know with Luca everything happened really naturally, and it will be the same way with her too.”

Duff has shared photos of her adventures with Luca this summer:

Earlier in the day, Duff appeared on the Today show to talk Imagine If, With Jif and a quote she gave about Luca “being on the fence” when it comes to having a new sibling had gone viral. “He’s not really on the fence,” she says. “Some days he’s more excited than others.” She pauses for a second, then says with a laugh, “I guess that’s on the fence?” However, she thinks it will come naturally. “Honestly, he’s such a sweet, gentle, sensitive guy that I know he’s going to be really great with her. But he’s a little like: ‘When is this going down? Is she going to drool on my stuff? And, like, she’s staying forever?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, she’s def staying forever.’ It’s hard for him to process.”

But he already has a way with the little ones. “My sister,” Haylie Duff, “just had a baby three months ago. We were in Malibu together for the weekend, and he picked up her toe and looked at it and was like: ‘This is so adorable. It’s so little. How is it so small?’ And I caught him a few times when she’s accidentally popped the soother out and he’d go put it back in. I think he’s going to be better than he imagines.”

However, Duff could do without the added pressure Luca gets from some of her fans, who are probably well-intentioned, but it might not always come off that way. “I also think it’s a lot of pressure when people come up to us that don’t even know him — people come up to us all the time that don’t even know us — and they go: ‘Are you so excited? Are you going to be a good big brother?'” Duff says. “I’m like: Yo, chill. Stop putting the pressure on. It’s all going to fall into place.”

And so is baby’s nursery — she shared pics on social media — which is in the works following a home renovation. Duff said the baby girl will be using the same crib that Luca had — and “a lot of his clothes” that she plans to “spin with a girl twist.” She admits, “A lot of his baby stuff I donated because halfway through I got a divorce. So it was like: Cool, I’m not going to be doing this for a while, so I donated it all. There were a few things I kept – like his crib — so I’m excited to be able to reuse that.” And seeing the crib “triggered” stories about Luca’s childhood that Duff has been having fun telling him. “He’s finally at a point now where his baby stories don’t bother him. They make him laugh or feel good.” He likes hearing them over and over again.

Not everything that’s old is new again though. She also told a hilarious story about her mom’s resurrecting Duff’s beloved Tinkerbell costume from when she was a child in hopes she could reuse it for her daughter. “It was so ratty because I lived in it,” she laughs. “I was like: ‘Mom, this has to have bugs we cannot see crawling all over it, and like food stains and whatever else.’ But it was really sweet that she still kept that.” Something that weathered the years better are a pair of “little shiny red pair of cowboy boots” — she was born in Texas — that she wore when she was 6. They’re still in good (enough) shape and will one day be on her daughter’s feet as she struts around.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma at the Entertainment Weekly Celebration of SAG Award Nominees on Jan. 28, 2017. (Photo: Getty Images)

As Duff’s series Younger wraps up its fifth season on Tuesday night and she goes into full nesting mode, she was in New York City to promote a side project. She helped kick off Imagine If, With Jif, a contest in which kids can share their entrepreneurial ideas for a chance to win $15,000 in funding. She says she wanted to get involved after being touched by the story of last year’s grand-prize winner, an 8-year-old named Charlotte Gould, who was born with a cleft palate, a condition that would require multiple surgeries, and went on to start the nonprofit Stitches by Charlotte, which makes personalized dolls for kids undergoing medical procedures.

“It’s been amazing to think that [Charlotte] was affected enough by something in her life and knew that there’s a need out there for kids who are going through what she’s going through,” she says. “So the contest,” which runs through Oct. 1, “is so amazing — it’s all about nourishing young creative passion and ideas out of kids, which … you know they’re full of.”

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