Hillsburgh family sounds alarm after dog consumes cannabis

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A family in Hillsburgh is cautioning residents after what was supposed to be a routine walk with their pup took a worrisome turn when he unwittingly consumed cannabis.

“It was very scary,” Michelle Caesar said of the experience involve Finn, the family dog. “Even when he came back from the vet, they gave him charcoal for his stomach and an antinausea pill. Twice in the night, we had to wake up to give him charcoal. He also had tremors, and we had to watch out for seizures.”

Their veterinarian told her husband, Mark, that they were sure their Goldendoodle ate pot because he showed symptoms. He weighs about 70 pounds.

“At one point, he lied down on the sidewalk, which is odd for him,” said Caesar. “He doesn’t usually do that. He didn’t seem OK."

They sat down at the table together for supper when she noticed Finn was absent. They found him lying in his bed, looking spaced out and barely opening his eyes.

“He could barely get off the bed," said Caesar. "He was all dizzy and woozy. We called Graham Animal Hospital, and we just happened to get him in there. They did blood work on him.”

A report by Leafly states dogs have far more cannabinoid receptors than humans and pets. They also weigh much less, making them far more inebriated with small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis. Oftentimes pets become when their curiousness upon finding edibles or flowers leads them to ingest them.

Caesar’s daughter was strolling down Upper Canada, to a park and baseball diamond, up Station Road, to the pond at the library and up to Sixth Line, with Finn when he sniffed and then ate a suspicious napkin or washcloth of some sort.

His blood sugar was at normal levels. Caesar thought he ate a piece of gum. The vets then explained he had every symptom of cannabis intoxication.

After a while, Finn started opening his eyes more, showing signs of sobriety. He only seemed more tired than usual.

Caesar said the vet suggesting keeping him warm, as cannabis can lower body temperatures.

“My son took his mattress out, and they slept by the wood stove in the kitchen,” Caesar said.

Joshua Santos, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, Orangeville Banner