A Hitman Was Busted Because Of His GPS Watch

If you are a mob hitman who’s on the run, you may want to take off your Garmin. According to “Runner’s World,” a murderer named Mark “Iceman” Fellows was found guilty in Liverpool for the killing of mob boss Paul “Mr. Big” Massey and an associate of his named John Kinsella. “Runner’s World” reports that, though Fellows was a suspect in the case, it was his Garmin Forerunner that linked him to Massey’s unsolved 2015 murder.” Detectives spotted the watch on Fellows in a photo taken during the Great Manchester 10k. This race took place two months before the murder of Massey. They then found the device at Fellows’s home and were able to cross-reference the GPS data to link him to the murder. An expert named James Last examined the Garmin for evidence. According his findings, the watch had recorded 35 minutes of activity