Hockey Fan Wins $1,000 After Scoring Almost Impossible Goal

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you just have to admit that this goal was pure perfection! It takes a lot of skill and probably a bit of luck to manage to drive that tiny little puck inside the goal from such a distance. Check out this guy nail a ridiculously tough hockey shot from the far blue line during intermission at an Air Force Falcons hockey game. It is quite a feat for this novice to achieve the shot under the watchful eyes of the audience.

No one was expecting this goal to be successful, but he proved them wrong. This hockey fan managed to awe the audience all the while snagging the $1000 reward. You might want to lower the volume of your headphones because the incredulous roar of the crowd might come as a surprise. They definitely weren’t expecting him to make it. The icy surface of the hockey rink can easily change the trajectory of the puck, the contestant did a good job of not using too much force to kick the puck, he merely pointed it in the right direction, and the puck was well on it’s way to gaining him a $1000.

Do you have any similar experience in any sport? Have you ever won something during a competition? The feeling must have been sublime! We would like to hear everything in detail in the comments down below!