'Hockey Pants': Is this the next Hockey Night in Canada theme song?

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'Hockey Pants': Is this the next Hockey Night in Canada theme song?

Ten-year-old Kali Boychuk can sing, she can dance, she can put on her hockey pants  — and she can write catchy song lyrics too. 

The Boychuk family couldn't get the lyrics to Hockey Pants out of their heads after Kali dreamed them up in their kitchen one day. 

Now the Saskatoon family are hoping to get their song stuck in the minds of the people behind Hockey Night in Canada.

Kali and her brother Kolby, 8, are big fans of the show and they think Hockey Pants would make a great theme song.

"I think it maybe describes what other people maybe do, like maybe it's similar to another person's Canadian life," said Kali.

Collaborative effort

The young songwriter said the lyrics came to her while she was singing in the kitchen, as she does, while getting dressed for her hockey game.

She said the first two lines came easy: "I can sing, I can dance." But the next phrase she thought up was "I can play hockey," and she knew it didn't sound right.

"And then my dad, he came down the hallway and he said, 'You can put on your hockey pants,'" Kali told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Kali's younger brother Kolby was also part of the songwriting process, contributing a line about Don Cherry and Ron MacLean.

Hockey Night fans 

Kali said she was also a big fan of the hosts, taking tips from their commentary to improve her skills on the ice.

"They show things that some hockey players have made mistakes on and some things that they did that were really good, and I like to take those tricks and try to apply them to my game," she said. 

Kali and Kolby's dad, Kevin Boychuk, said the family worked together to develop the rest of the lyrics, starting on the drive back from Kali's hockey game. 

"It was an interesting evening because it just happened, it was just natural … after those first three lines of the song came out, it stuck in our head as a family," said Kevin.

They recorded the song the following morning, and Kevin said it had been a hit with family and friends.