Hockley General Store reopens with digital approach

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A lot can change over the course of a year.

A vehicle crashed through the wall of the Hockley General Store in late Aug. 2019 and as a result, the retailer was closed for an entire year as it underwent renovations.

When the store near the intersection of Mono-Adjala Townline and Hockley Road in Mono reopened last fall, things had changed significantly. For starters, there was a global pandemic and retailers have had to integrate new measures to allow them to be agile in a constantly changing landscape.

To this end, the store has integrated a new point of sale system to gather more insight into their business and allow for that needed agility.

Square for Retail by Square, Inc. has enabled Hockley General Store to sell their inventory online, in-store and on social media.

“It’s definitely made our lives, as an essential business, a lot easier,” said Katie Wookey, general manager of Hockley General Store. "It’s super user-friendly. It allows us to cater to our customer’s needs during the COVID-19 crisis.”

The store’s original backend systems were antiquated, cumbersome and not user-friendly,

The new system allows Wookey and her staff to see what their top-selling items are and what products aren’t.

“It’s iCloud-based, which is great for us because it integrates with the other iCloud stuff we’re using as a business, as everything communicates with each other,” said Wookey.

As Ontario entered the lockdown, the new system allowed the store to offer their customers options when it came to shopping for essentials.

“With the current situation, people can order online and pick up their groceries as curbside,” said Wookey. "That has been another awesome aspect. We can use the website that square has already. That enables us to sell the products that we put up on our website.”

Business has been good since reopening, Wookey said.

“Our customers have been really supportive in the community, and they’ve been loyal to us."

Joshua Santos, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, Orangeville Banner