Hoda Kotb Awkwardly Tortures Kathie Lee Gifford With Her Terrible Music

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Things got super weird on Today as Hoda Kotb tortured her co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, with her favorite segment, “iHoda.” Kotb picks a song for the two to listen to and then joyously sings and dances along, and Gifford really does not like her choices.

Hoda announced she’d be playing  “Calabria 2008” by Enur ft. Natasja, and Gifford remarked, “It’s enough to make you eat.” Then Kotb danced like an uncool aunt at a wedding reception. It was met by Gifford’s deadpan stare into camera. To make herself happy, Gifford ate from a bucket of fried chicken in front of her.

Finally, Kotb put Gifford out of her misery and ended the segment. Gifford looked like she’d just been tortured.  

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