Holly Willoughby disagrees with the ‘Tampon-gate’ scandal being put in The Crown

Speaking on Thursday’s episode of This Morning, Holly Willoughby shared why she thinks the ‘Tampon-gate’ scandal surrounding King Charles and the Queen Consort shouldn’t have been included in the new series of The Crown.

Video Transcript

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: --scene in particular. And a lot of people feel incredibly uncomfortable with it because of the nature of what was being discussed. And it's a phone call that was very much publicized at the time between Camilla and Charles, a private conversation. It's something--

- A sexual conversation.

--none of us should have ever heard.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: We're not going to talk about-- I don't think any of us should be talking about it because it's their thing. If it was in today's current guidelines, it's phone hacking. It would have been illegal. So I think it should be based on that still now.

To have that put out there again for everybody to witness, and see, and talk about, and be entertained by, essentially, your private thoughts, I mean, that must be painful for the family.

KRISTINA KYRIACOU: Holly, you're absolutely right. I mean, what I would say to you is all of us have had private conversations in our lifetime that we very much hope will remain private

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Yeah. Can you imagine?

KRISTINA KYRIACOU: And not go to family members, or loved ones, or our children, et cetera. The other thing I would say is that this is a 30-year dialogue. It was a very, very embarrassing moment, but they dusted themselves off at the time that that tape recording was made public and went out and did what they do, which is public service. They went out and greeted people. They met their children at the breakfast table. They looked people in the eye and continue doing what they do best, which is acts of service.