Hollyoaks' Darren caught out in Charlie storyline

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Darren Osborne got his dad Jack in danger in an ill-conceived attempt to help Charlie.

The teen recently received his GCSE results, saying goodbye to his dream of attending music college as his low grades won't allow him to go. As a result, Charlie had a fit of rage which prompted Shing Lin to leave and go back to live with Dave.

As Charlie continued struggling and had a panic attack, Darren tried his best to support him and insisted his son drink a smoothie he'd made just for him.

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Unbeknownst to Charlie, the smoothie was spiked with some medication to relieve his anxiety. When the teen refused to drink it, Darren left the glass unattended on the living room table where Jack found it.

Later on, the former policeman suffered a collapse, with a guilt-ridden Darren realising in horror his dad must've drunk the smoothie he'd prepared for Charlie. Darren called an ambulance, with paramedics rushing to the scene and treating a confused Jack.

Speaking with them, Darren admitted his dad had taken too many beta blockers. Before Jack was taken to the hospital, Darren told him he'd overdosed as he'd spiked Charlie's drink.

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Shing Lin went to see Charlie who was practicing on the drums, reassuring him she still loves him despite wanting to get some space to herself. While the teens were together, she got a text informing them of Jack's conditions.

Luckily, Jack was discharged after being given the all clear from his doctors. As he was preparing for leaving, he confronted his son for intending to drug Charlie.

"I didn't know what else to do," Darren pleaded, explaining Charlie's GP won't prescribe medication for his anxiety until he's seen a counsellor.

"The next time, you might not be so lucky," Jack admonished him, adding that giving Charlie beta blockers wasn't a good idea.

Charlie, who'd only just arrived at the hospital with Shing Lin, overheard the conversation, giving Darren a disappointed look.

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