Hollyoaks hints at pregnancy twist for Leela Lomax

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks couple Joel Dexter and Leela Lomax are set to hit another bump in the road thanks to a pregnancy test.

The couple haven't been together for very long but they've already encountered a number of obstacles in their relationship.

Over the summer Joel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes but decided to hide his condition for Leela who was trying to support Donna-Marie Quinn in her addiction battle at the time.

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When Leela eventually discovered her boyfriend was keeping such a big secret from her she was devastated but decided to support him as he adjusted to his new life.

Viewers have most recently seen the couple go through another huge change as Leela has been helping Joel apply for a job in the fire service.

But scenes next week will see Joel have to think seriously about his future. He will be shocked when he discovers a pregnancy test in Leela’s bag and since she's recently been feeling sick, he waits for her to confess to him what's really going on.

joel dexter in hollyoaks
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Later at Mercedes and Felix's engagement party, when Leela suggests she has a beer, Joel shares that he found the test and is excited at the prospect of becoming a father encourages her to take it.

But has Joel really got everything figured out?

Kirsty-Leigh Porter, who plays Leela, previously described her character's relationship with Joel as "a beautiful thing to come out of a really dark time" following Juliet's death.

"Leela and Joel's pairing kind of came out of nowhere," she said. " Joel is such a good guy I think Leela, dare I say it, has finally found a good one… with her track record with men, well they've not been ones you'd want to take home to the parents anyway."

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