Hollyoaks: Peri makes a confession to Nadira

Episode 6256

Channel 4 streaming release date: Thursday 30 November 2023 at 19:30

E4 airdate: Friday 01 December 2023 at 19:00

Nadira goes round to Peri's.

Unable to bear the weight of it all anymore, Peri admits what happened with Romeo.

Meanwhile, Felix asks Mercedes to go with him to his therapy session. During the session, Felix opens up about his failure as a father and shares his gratitude for Mercedes and her support. Later, Felix tells Mercedes that he's never been so open with anyone and he won't let anything get between them.

Elsewhere, Ste and James confront Dillon and the Maaliks, but Dillon denies all bullying claims. Wanting to hide from his dad, Lucas bumps into Cindy, who shares some information with him regarding James' dad Mac.

Lucas bunks off school. When Ste and James find him at home, they question him. He ends up revealing that he lied about Dillon bullying him. Leah has words with Lucas, trying to stop him from ruining their dad's marriage and happiness, but Lucas has other ideas.

Also today, Goldie comes up with a way of making money so John Paul can buy Matthew-Jesus a good Christmas present. When Pearl buys some eye cream from them, she's left hiding behind sunglasses after having a reaction to the products.

Writer: Daniel Alexis

Director: Aurora Fearnley

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