Hollyoaks' Sienna gets huge shock as a familiar face returns

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for the latest episode on Channel 4 streaming, which will air on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks' Sienna Blake was in for a shock when she saw evil Patrick Blake's twin brother in new scenes of the soap.

The soap has aired the aftermath of Dilly Harcourt's run-in with Jeremy Blake, who she believed to be her dad Patrick.

In previous scenes, wanting to know more about her family, Dilly tried to connect with Patrick's mother Martha, but things didn't go smoothly.

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In tonight's (June 20) streaming episode, Dilly was nowhere to be found.

Sienna and Maxine Minniver tried to locate Dilly's phone, learning it was in The Dog car park and finding Martha in possession of it. Sienna snatched the phone off Martha, reminding her she and Liberty are Dilly's family, not her.

Later on, a distressed Dilly was at the hospital after thinking she hallucinated and saw Patrick. She spoke with Peri Lomax and told her about the encounter.

"I think my head is playing up again," she said.

"I saw him again," she added, saying she also thought she saw Martha trying to hurt Patrick.

"I'm so confused. He can't be alive, can he?" she asked Peri, who tried to comfort her.

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After their exchange, Peri rang Sienna to ask her to come to the hospital immediately.

Once there, Sienna checked on Dilly, but Peri revealed the real reason she'd called her and took her to a room where a hurt Jeremy was sleeping.

They were both convinced it was Patrick, with an upset Sienna whispering "Dad?" before the end credits rolled.

Hollyoaks streams first online via Channel 4 each weekday at 7.30pm. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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