Hollyoaks' Yazz Cunningham sparks concern with worrying behaviour

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Yazz Cunningham's family will grow concerned for her well-being next week on Hollyoaks after she lashes out at her family.

Yazz and husband Tom are due to have marriage counselling after work, but Tom is concerned that they've not completed the homework they were given.

At work, Yazz shares an idea with new Hollyoaks High head Carter to help change the social curriculum. Carter likes the idea and Yazz, along with Beau, is asked to stay behind and work on a presentation.

Tom later finds her asleep at her laptop.

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She then has to tell Beau that she didn't get a chance to finish the presentation, which causes panic when Beau informs her that the presentation has been moved to that very afternoon.

Yazz freaks out and the presentation goes badly. Carter tells Yazz to take the rest of the day off, but tells her he wants to talk to her in his office the following day.

Tom tries to calm his wife down and helps her prepare for her talk with the headteacher. Yazz decides to be honest and tells Carter she is exhausted. Carter responds in kind, but encourages her to spend some time resting at home.

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Back at the Maaliks' house, Misbah returns home just as Yazz is lashing out at her family.

During a heart-to-heart, Yazz opens up to her mum about how she has really been feeling since the ectopic pregnancy, and admits that work has been her only escape.

Later, while testing out Zain's bench, Misbah herself opens up and expresses concern for Yazz.

Will her family be able to help her through this tough time?

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