Holyrood awards trail development plan

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The Town of Holyrood is a step further to developing a fully fledged trail master plan.

During the March 2 meeting, the Town awarded the development of a Trail Master Plan to Mills & Wright Landscape Architecture for a cost of $30,000, plus HST.

“This Trail Plan is a component of the funded Boardwalk-Phase I Project and will cost the Town $6500,” said councillor Kimberly Ghaney. “This Plan will identify and recommend possible trials in the community. The Town will work with our funding partners to secure funding to help create the trials once they are identified and prioritized. Our goal is to establish a trail system which offers opportunities to walkers and hikers of all levels.”

Deupty Mayor Curtis Buckle was the first to comment on the motion.

“The trail master plan has been something that’s been talked about for a while,” said Buckle. “There’s lots of nice trails around Holyrood, so we’re going to be reaching out to the community in consultation to get everyone’s ideas on trails.”

Other members of council echoed their favor of the motion. Councillor Roger Myette in particular shared his thoughts on the potential of a master plan in Holyrood.

“I’m an avid hiker and I do a lot of trails within Holyrood,” said Myette. “And there’s a lot of trails that residents don’t even know exist. So, I’m hoping that we can include those trails with the trails that are currently being used by the majority of the public, and that way we can have a diverse trail system within Holyrood.”

Mayor Kevin Costello said he hoped the community would get involved in the consultation process, noting that consultations may have to be done through Zoom or another virtual platform.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News