Holyrood welcomes Irving to Blue Ocean park

·1 min read

Irving Oil has signed the purchase sale agreement for development in the Blue Ocean Industrial Park.

That’s according to deputy mayor Curtis Buckle.

“This is great news for our town,” said Buckle during the March 2 council meeting. “It opens 40 to 50 possible jobs right here in the town, and it gives us a new tax base which will enable us to provide more services to the residents without a tax increase.”

There were no further details given about Irving‘s purchase of land in the industrial park.

Buckle also noted that the Marine Institute had purchased some land in the Blue Ocean for offsite storage.

“Theses are good news stories for Holyrood. It shows that investors have confidence in the future growth and development of the town,” said Buckle.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News