Home and Away's Bree Cameron stands up to Mercedes Da Silva in Remi row

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away’s Bree Cameron will stand up to Mercedes Da Silva in the ongoing row with Remi Carter.

This week’s scenes will see Bree discover that Mercedes attempted to kiss her boyfriend Remi, with Lyrik’s future left unclear in the meantime.

In next week’s scenes, Bree approaches Mercedes and asks why she made a move on Remi, but Mercedes isn’t one to be cowered.

xander delaney and bree cameron in home and away
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She expresses her glee that Bree found out about the incident, reiterating her belief that she has more in common with Remi than Bree does, and believes he will soon realise this.

Bree remains confident that Remi will remain loyal, and her point was proven as Remi took his girlfriend’s side during the argument.

Mercedes is left disconsolate after Remi’s pledge of allegiance to his girlfriend, with Eden failing to convince her to complete a recording for Lyrik back at the studio.

Bree attempts to do the same thing, but Remi resolves to complete the recording without Mercedes, reasoning that they were a fully-fledged band before her arrival.

bree cameron and remi carter in home and away
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Much to their surprise, Mercedes then arrives at the studio to lend her hand, saying the record needed her own personal touch.

Remi is jubilant at her return, but will Mercedes be able to stay away from Remi under the looming eye of Bree?...

Elsewhere on the soap, Matt Evans teased his upcoming scenes as Theo Poulos, revealing that the character would have some “epic” scenes in the future.

“I have an epic storyline coming so next year is going to be even cooler,” he teased. “There are some new things on the way for Theo, where he is experiencing things that he's never experienced before – physically and emotionally.”

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