Home gym storage & organization ideas: Build a home gym in a garage

Looking for home gym organization ideas? You’re in luck! If there’s one thing I learned from building a home gym in my garage gym, is that the more organized you are, the more space you have for more gym equipment. In my case, I had to be extra organized because I keep my car inside my garage. It gets real cold during the winter and I’d rather not drop off frozen kids at school in the morning. For this reason, I decided to have the best of both worlds, a parking space and a garage gym. Home Gym Organization 101 The number one step to take when organizing your home gym is to get rid of shit! Believe me, I’ve stored a lot of useless crap in my garage also. How much stuff do you have in your garage or future home gym area that just sits there all year round? You need to either sell it, donate it, or trash it. If you or your spouse like to hoard stuff then either build a storage shed for your back yard or make room in the attic. Use Your Walls Don’t forget, you have three or four walls and only one floor (with a garage gym you lose a wall to the doors). Learn to find wall studs and utilize as much wall space as you can for better organization. I’ve added so much gym equipment on my walls, that I can easily fit two cars in my garage without a problem. Once I pull my car out the workout area is immense! Think Outside The Gym Just because gym equipment companies sell home gym organization stuff doesn’t mean you need to get it from them. They usually sell it for much more than you’d find at non-gym places. Tire Hangers You’ve probably seen gym equipment companies selling wall mounted weight plate storage pegs for $100+. Tire hangers are just as strong and even more space efficient at half the cost. Each one can hold up to 120 lbs each and they come in packs up 4 individual pegs for around $50. I store all my weight plates on the pegs and have never had a problem. Heavy Duty Hooks These heavy duty hooks are made of solid steel and have a weight capacity of 40 lbs. I got them from Lowes for less than $7 or you can find them on Amazon for a little bit more. Way cheaper than wall storage products sold by fitness companies. I use these to store my barbell vertically against the wall. The barbell sits on the floor so the main function of the hook is to keep it vertical and out of the way. I also hang my foldable bench using two of these hooks. Once I’m done working out, the bench hangs in the middle of my rack and is out of the way. I also hang my parallettes with these hooks… I use one of them to keep my rower standing upright against the wall… These also come in handy when hanging jump ropes, the Inertia Wave, and belts. Tool Holders Tool holders like the one shown above can also help you keep small equipment off the floor. These can hold up to 65 lbs, have a spring front opening, and a deep v-groove that helps to keep stuff from falling. You can find these at Home Depot for around $10 or Amazon. I use one to hold my sledge hammer. And another one to hold my battle rope. Tie And Belt Rack Get yourself a cheap tie and belt rack to hang accessories such as resistance bands, hand grips, climbing holds and other small items that would make a mess on the floor. See how easy and inexpensive that was? Home gym organization is not hard. Use Your Ceiling The ceiling is another place that’s often forgotten when it comes to storing and organizing gym equipment inside your garage or home gym. As long as you anchor everything down securely to the ceiling joists, you’ll be good. Gymnastic Rings I have a set of gymnastic rings installed on a ceiling ring hanger. When I’m using them, I let the straps loose so they’re hanging low. When not in use, I make the straps shorter and tie them up so they’re out of the way.