'Home Town' Stars Erin and Ben Napier Open Up about New Family Members

ben napier and erin napier
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Dogs now outnumber children in the Napier house as Erin and Ben added two new pups to the mix. Erin announced the families two new additions, a pair of labs named Finn and Annie, back in October. This makes three dogs in the Napier house alongside Great Pyrenees Baker, who the family adopted in February 2022. "Finn and Annie. They're new here," Erin wrote on Instagram.

Recently on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Erin and Ben revealed more about how they came to adopt the dogs who they lovingly refer to as "hunting school dropouts." The two labs came from River Town Retrievers, where trainers discovered they weren't cut out for the working life. "Have you ever heard of the saying that dog won't hunt? So, we have two dogs that wouldn't hunt, they are hunting school dropouts," Ben joked. "They're like champion bloodline dogs, but these dogs wouldn't get in the water and they wouldn't retrieve and [River Town Retrievers] were like you can just have them. So, we have adopted hunting school dropouts," Erin chimed in.

Thankfully, Finn and Annie found their place with the Napiers as playmates and snuggle buddies for Helen and Mae. "They are really into fetching, which the girls love. They're really into snuggling with the girls," Ben continued. "And tearing up their shoes," Erin added.

Fans ran to the comments to join in on the conversation and share stories of their own hunting school dropouts. "I have a golden retriever and refuses to go into ANY Type of water. EVER. I think my dog came from The same school. Lol" and "Reminds me of the movie Grease song, Beauty School Dropout. 🎶Hunting school dropout🎶," fans joked.

Although Finn and Annie didn't turn out to be great hunting dogs, we think they're pretty lucky they landed where they did. Congrats on the new additions Ben and Erin!

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