Hometown Foods Customer Appreciation

·2 min read

Wakaw Hometown Foods owners Ricky and Erika Hwang are once again showing their appreciation for their loyal customers. With every purchase of $50 or more customers can put their name in the draw box for a chance to win any of a number of prizes before Christmas. It is not just the influx of summer lake residents and tourists that come to the store for the fresh baking in the summer months that keep a business going year round, it’s the local people who continue to support and shop year round.

Being one of two grocery stores in a town the size of Wakaw, can be a challenge, but when Ricky and Erika took over at the helm of Hometown Foods from Maurice and Sandy Draude they were wanting a business in a town where they could put down roots and become a part of that community. This customer appreciation is a way of saying “Thank-you” to those customers who are always there, year round making the cash register ring.

A few things have changed in the store this year and probably the most notable change this fall was the addition of a selection of M & M Foods products in the cooler at the back of the store. While M & M Foods has not made every product available to secondary sellers like Hometown Foods, the products that are available provide a new variety for shoppers and the opportunity to have some ready made close-to-restaurant type meals for individuals. With this Christmas by necessity being small and different from the norm what better time to try something different for the menu, be it appetizers or a main dish. Check out the selection, pick up some of the Asian products they have on the shelves and finish your shopping with some fresh bread and baked products and get you name in for the draws.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder