Honda announces TrailSport off-road trim level for trucks, crossovers

With the popularity of Jeep and Bronco models, plus the expansion of Subaru's off-road offerings with the Wilderness trim, it's not surprising that Honda is getting in on the action, too. The company officially announced the introduction of the TrailSport trim level, which appears to be coming first to the Honda Passport, followed by other models.

From what Honda has said about its first TrailSport model, it will be a pretty mild affair, mostly coming down to reworked front and rear fascias, more body cladding, some orange interior accents and probably some chunkier tires. But Honda promises more for later TrailSport additions: off-road tires, full-size spares, increased ground clearance, retuned suspension, drivetrain-related features and underbody protection.

Honda says the first TrailSport model will go on sale later this year. Though it didn't say exactly which model is first, it's clear in the trailer that it will be the Passport. And of course, with the Passport being closely related to the Ridgeline and Pilot, it would seem natural for those models to be included eventually, too.

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