Honda Civic Si FE1 is a $55,000 race car that you can buy off-the-rack

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The new Honda Civic Si hasn’t been out for long, but Honda already has a turnkey race car version, and you can buy it. Fully developed and tested in-house by Honda Performance Development engineers, the Civic Si FE1 costs $55,000, and it looks like a great big ball of fun.

Its 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine gets an HPD-tuned ECU that allows for selectable levels of power to meet any balance of power restrictions you may have to adhere to. However, Honda does not provide power figures. It gets a Borla turbo-back exhaust to breathe better and sound like a proper race car. The six-speed manual transmission is strengthened, and it’s equipped with a Cusco racing limited-slip differential.

The body-in-white is unique, and it deletes the road car’s sunroof, sound proofing, insulation, underbody coating and seam sealer. An FIA-spec roll cage is installed, and you get a 16-gallon fuel cell. When it comes to the chassis, this car is very different from the regular Si. You get adjustable Bilstein dampers, HPD front camber plates, a camber-adjustable rear upper arm, a rear toe adjustable arm, Wilwood 6-piston brake calipers, Wilwood two-piece slotted rotors, HPD stainless steel brake lines and Enkei RPF-1 17-inch wheels.

Inside, you can expect a bunch of race gear. This includes an OMP racing seat, OMP six-point harness, an OMP quick-disconnect steering wheel, racing window net, Motec C127 dash data logger, OMP fire-suppression kit and an HPD ballast kit.

Honda says that deliveries will begin this fall. If you want one, Honda will take a $25,000 deposit from you now, with the rest being due upon vehicle delivery.

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