Zendaya Debuted Honey Blonde Hair at the Australian Challengers Premiere

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Icy blonde hair may have had a renaissance, but now that temperatures are rising, honey blonde hair is making a comeback. Leading the pack is Zendaya, who debuted her own take of the spring-friendly shade at the Australian Challengers premiere on March 26….which, can you say serve?

According to hairstylists, Z's new hue is right on cue: This year's spring and summer's trending hair colors are all about warmth. “Warm golden tones are becoming more popular,” says celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab, who refers to the particular shade of honey blonde hair as “cozy blonde.”

Celebrities aren’t the only ones obsessed with the look, either: Colorists tell Glamour that countless clients are moving in that direction too.

“For years now the ‘ashy’ blonde trend has been one of the most requested hair colors from my clients at the salon, but I think we are going to be seeing more gold and honey tones,” says hairstylist Nicholas Taylor. “The Playboy Bunny golden blonde is making its comeback, as well as deep honey blondes.”

Zendaya is far from the only celeb rocking the shade as of late. In fact, Rihanna, Penélope Cruz, and Rita Ora have their own takes on honey blonde hair.



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What’s that they say about great minds? Either way, it's clear that the cozy-blonde movement is already well underway. And considering how low-maintenance it is, it’s not hard to understand why.

“Cozy blonde is a term used to describe a super-low-maintenance approach to being a blonde,” says Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hair-extension artist and Wella master color expert. “The look embraces more depth in the hair with lowlights and strategic placement of lighter blonde shades, allowing for a low-maintenance blonde that works for any season.”



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As for who makes the ideal cozy blonde candidate? According to Korab, the shade is great for natural blondes, anyone with highlights or balayage, and light brunette hair. However, it also works for anyone who’s currently blonde, whether it’s dyed or natural, Cleveland says.

“Anyone who feels a little washed out from the overall brightness [of their blonde] usually transitions very well into wearing this look,” Cleveland says, as do those who are tired of upkeep that is too time-consuming, expensive, or damaging. “In this case, your stylist can create a cozy blonde that gives you the best of both worlds.”

If you’ve been on the hunt for blonde-friendly yet natural-looking and low-maintenance hair colors, congratulations: Your search stops now.

If you’re planning to dye your hair cozy blonde, here’s what to ask for at the salon. “Cozy blonde has a lot of dimension to the hair,” Korab says. “You can achieve the look by adding lowlights and asking for a golden or honey blonde, but you want to keep the face frame bright while adding fine lowlights throughout.”

Cleveland agrees, and suggests that you reiterate that you’re still interested in seeing yourself as a blonde but would love to make it a bit more low-maintenance while seeking a softer grow-out.

Just remember: Low-maintenance does not mean no maintenance. “That’s the biggest mistake clients make when moving into a look such as this,” Cleveland says. “It’s super low-maintenance compared to being an allover blonde, but it still requires some upkeep to keep the color looking fresh.”



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To maintain and protect the color, be sure to consistently use heat protectant and color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, as well as a hydrating hair mask and gloss. Might we suggest trying some of our Glamour Beauty Award winners for the job?

As for styling, anything goes with this kind of low-maintenance shade, but Korab thinks the more effortless, the better. “I love to style cozy blonde hair with a lived-in look, such as a beach wave,” she says. To get the look, simply let your hair air-dry and style it with a hair waver and generously spritz sea-salt spray for the ultimate laid-back look.

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