Horizon School Division Board Elections 2020

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Running in conjunction with the municipal elections are the elections for the school board. Horizon School Division #205 covers a very large geographical area with fourteen subdivisions. The division operates 42 across an area of approximately 30,970 square kilometers.

In addition to the 7 Trustees who will be returning to their roles by acclamation*, there are 7 Subdivisions that will be going to an election. The Returning Officer for this election, CFO, Sarah Reding has shared polling locations, and dates for advanced polls. This information is also available on the Horizon School Division #205 webpage www.horizonsd.ca

Subdivision 1 Bruno, Cudworth and Wakaw.

Subdivision 2 Annaheim, Lake Lenore, Middle Lake, Humboldt and St. Brieux.

*Subdivision 3 Nokomis, Viscount, Watrous

Subdivision 4 Drake, Englefeld, Jansen, Lanigan, Muenster, and Watson

Subdivision 5 LeRoy and Wynyard.

*Subdivision 6 Quill Lake and Wadena.

Subdivision 7 Kelvington and Rose Valley

*Subdivision 8 Bulyea, Holdfast, Imperial, Strasbourg

Subdivision 9 Punnichy, Raymore

*Subdivision 10 Foam Lake Ituna

*Subdivision 11 George Gordon First Nation

*Subdivision 12 Day Star First Nation

*Subdivision 13 Muskowekwan

Subdivision 14 Fishing Lake First Nation

Many of the Subdivisions have no need for an election as only one person came forward to run and was therefore elected by acclamation, but voting will take place in Subdivisions 1,2,4,5,7, 9, and 14. For our subscribers in Subdivision #1 the choice is between Jenna Hale and Dave Holinaty, in Subdivision #2 the choice is between Linda Mattock and Heather Zazula, and in Subdivision #4 Mark Fedak and Jolene Koopman are on the ballot.

With Subdivision #1 covering the majority of our readers we talked with the candidates. David Holinaty is the incumbent in Subdivision #1. David grew up in Wakaw, attending school and playing hockey here, while also helping his father on the farm. He attended the University of Saskatchewan, receiving his Bachelor of Education and went on to teach in various public, separate, and First Nations schools throughout Saskatchewan for 32 years. Later he went on to teach in Hong Kong and Japan. After retiring, Dave and his wife moved back to Wakaw where they continue to live.

Dave’s career in education both as a teacher and board member, and his roles as father and grandfather have solidified his belief that children are the key to the future. They deserve to have their unique qualities recognized and to have their needs met in a safe nurturing environment where all school employees feel supported in their role of providing a secure facility and a welcoming atmosphere. Dave states that it is his goal to “help make learning special, safe and accountable.”

Challenging for the Subdivision #1 seat is Jenna Hale from Bruno. Jenna (Weiman) Hale grew up in Bruno but has ties to all of the towns in this subdivision. The Weiman family have a cabin at Wakaw Lake and Jenna was employed as a summer student at Conexus Credit Union in Wakaw from 2010-2012. After graduating from high school, Jenna attended Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, where she received her Bachelor of Commerce degree. Missing the rural way of life and rural living, Jenna and her husband returned to Bruno where they farm. Jenna wears many hats from mom to two little girls to farm wife, and Financial Advisor at Conexus in Bruno to Town Councillor. Jenna also has her Local Government Administration Certificate from the University of Regina. She loves meeting new people, talking with them and listening to all they have to share.

Jenna says her passions centre around rural development and entrepreneurship and preserving education in small towns. Education is crucial to rural development and plays a key role in maintaining the life blood of rural Saskatchewan.

This is not the first time Dave and Jenna have come head to head in a race for the School Board seat, and the last time Dave Holinaty came out ahead. Although she was unsuccessful in her last bid, Jenna says that she is excited for the opportunity to try again. She says that she can bring a fresh perspective to the table and perhaps a different and more youthful point of view.

Traditionally voter turnout for municipal and school board elections is not what it could be and whether they have said it or not, all the candidates would like to see a really strong voter presence this time around. There’s a saying that if you don’t vote, you don’t have any right to complain, but here is a slightly different take on that, if you are ready and willing to complain about something, then you should be equally ready to be part of the solution. While not suggesting that either candidate has complained about the education in our local schools, both are willing to put their names out there and get involved in the future of education in our area. Thank you to both candidates for your willingness to be involved.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder