Your Horoscope for the Fall Equinox Is Here

fall equinox
Your Horoscope for the Fall EquinoxGetty/Margie Rischiotto

Welcome to autumn! This year, the fall equinox occurs on September 23 in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun moves into Libra and Libra season begins. Scientifically, the Equinox happens when the Sun crosses the equator twice a year. It brings the shift of seasons to the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. On the fall equinox, we experience an equal amount of day and nighttime hours. Today is a day to mark how the universe is changing and transforming, and it coincides with the pagan holiday of Mabon.

The cosmic energetic forces at play today are pushing us to transcend with the seasonal changes. As Elena Nicolaou of Kefi Tarot says, “The seasons our lives go in cycles. Seasonal changes are an opportunity to reflect. As the seasons change, think about the changes in your life." She explains, "The fall equinox marks the start of a transition between the blooming of summer to the hibernation of winter. It’s a time to be grateful for what you have acquired and what you have in your life and where you landed.” Today, embrace the magic that fall brings.

Read your horoscope for the fall equinox:


You’re more apt to help those in need at this moment in time. In fact, your tough exterior is softening up. Giving and caring for others will warm your heart and allow you to assert your energy in a healthy way. You’ll be glad you took on these kind acts.


Take on a new endeavor that brings you joy and happiness. If that means fostering a pup or learning how to rollerblade, then take it on. It’s important to focus on what interests you and to make it a part of your routine. Nothing else will bring you more satisfaction.


The idea of romance is beginning to pull at your heartstrings, and you want to meet a new boo or elevate your relationship/situationship. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore relationships with an open mind. You never know what, when, and how things can change.


Plan a dinner party at home for your loved ones, as close to the fall equinox as you can. Celebrate the change in seasons by cooking seasonal dishes with local vegetables and fruits a way to honor the current harvest.


You’re extremely busy now, which is why the universe is asking you to slow down and find some inner peace. There are always a million things to do in a day, but you have to take time to nurture yourself and say “no” sometimes.


It’s never a wrong moment to work on yourself. The more energy you give to healing from the past and transforming yourself in present, the better you’ll feel. Give yourself some TLC during the fall equinox so you can start the season off right with a whole new attitude.


Your love has no limits, and you're giving your all to those you adore by sharing your innermost sentiments and affections for them on this day. Tears may be cried, but it’s a good thing as you’re opening up and speaking from the heart.


Even though you want some alone time during the equinox, take my advice and team up with people on some healthy activities like a guided meditation, a yoga class, or a group hike. The more you learn to balance out your personal and social lives, the more whole you will feel.


It’s time to realign yourself with your personal aspirations and desires. You're finding that you want to freshen up your goals for the rest of the year. Take some time and review your progress and plans, and revise where needed. This will help you kickstart your goals with excitement and confidence. You got this, Sag!


Work obligations are holding you back from having fun with your friends. You can have your cake and eat it too if you schedule friend hangs in your iCal. Truth be told, you need to burn off steam from the office.


You’re thirsting for adventure and change, and you're not ready for summer to end. Rather than having a meltdown at home, plan a mini staycation. Put on beachy music, watch a movie set somewhere far away, and sip an Aperol spritz from the comfort of your own couch.


This is the ideal time to lean into cultivating a closer relationship with others. Ask deep questions that will bond you with your significant other, friends, and family. Don’t be shy in responding to their requests for answers from you, either.

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