Hospice head will be taking over the reins at South East Grey CHC

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Alex Hector is moving into a new role June 1 as CEO of the South East Grey Community Health Centre, from his previous position as head of Residential Hospice Grey-Bruce.

“It was a hard decision – the Hospice is just a tremendous place,” he said.

“When I looked at CHC, what appealed to me there was the multi-sector approach.”

That is the distinctive place of the Community Health Centre within the overall picture of how health services are delivered.

It’s something that has built up under the direction of current CEO Allan Madden, who will continue part-time as project manager for the next few months, focusing on the new medical centre in Dundalk.

Mr. Hector said there is a “strong awareness that Dundalk is the fastest-growing area in Grey County” which he credits for progress made on that project to date.

The CHC delivers services beyond primary health and other health specialists. That runs the range from yoga or cooking classes, to drop-ins for youth and seniors programs. Staff offers targeted help with income tax assistance, a frozen meal program as well as seminars to the public.

Beyond the CHC, but within its walls, there are other related services which have moved into the Markdale building, such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services and Grey County social services.

“That collaboration of these organizations, I see as the future,” he said, adding that care should be centred on the patient, bringing co-operation among different groups.

Mr. Hector’s career was spent in management and banking with BMO. He came out of retirement originally to take the helm at the hospice, first as Interim Executive Director, and then moved into the role permanently.

“The big similarity between the Hospice and the CHC is the total focus on patients and the caring and compassionate staff.”

Mr. Hector laughed appreciatively when asked about taking on his second major role since retiring. He has heard the question before from his friends.

“I thrive on the stimulus I get from work – the social interactions, the problem-solving. What’s exciting is working in a different context.”

“At CHC we’re helping people to stay healthy and be healthy.”

Janet Fairbridge has been appointed to succeed Mr. Hector at Residential Hospice Grey Bruce. She has experience at Hospice Georgian Triangle.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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