Hospital workers surprised with bouquets from New Glasgow flower shop

A flower shop in New Glasgow, N.S., brightened the day of dozens of workers at the Aberdeen Hospital on Friday by donating more than 80 bouquets.

McKean's Flowers Ltd., a third-generation family business that has been around for more than 70 years, made the decision to temporarily close its doors this week as a precaution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As a small business, we've been racking our brains at how can we help," said Suzanne Makin, one of the owners.

"We see so many other small businesses and large businesses being able to adapt what they're doing to help, whether it's retooling machinery to make items that are needed or installing Plexiglas to keep our grocery store workers safe.

"We're a flower and gift shop — what could we possibly do to help? And then it dawned on us — we've got a whole fridge full of happiness."

Suzanne Makin
Suzanne Makin

Makin and her husband, Tom, have a contact at the Aberdeen Hospital. They touched base and arranged to have the bouquets — made up of roses, lilies, carnations and snapdragons — delivered to staff.

"When we spoke to the person at the hospital that we reached out to, we had said we're not really looking for publicity out of this," she said, adding they didn't add business labels to the bouquets.

But word got around fast.

Since the delivery, Makin said hospital workers have been reaching out to say thank you. Makin posted about the bouquets on Facebook and it was shared hundreds of time.

"We didn't expect this outpouring of positivity beyond just some simple thank you's from the staff. It certainly brightened our week," she said.

Suzanne Makin
Suzanne Makin

Makin said she agrees with all the decisions and recommendations public health has made in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, but she said it's been a difficult two weeks.

"You compound it with closing a business and having to lay people off and the stress that brings, and trying to make all the right decisions for our business so we can keep it viable when it's time to open and get rolling again," she said.

But being able to give the flowers made a difference, she said.

"We didn't forget how positive flowers are, we forgot how amazing it can feel to give them as well on such a big level. And when all of this positivity came back to us, it was a lovely reminder."