Hot meals to be distributed by Salvation Army at Petrolia Community Refrigerator

Petrolia Community Refrigerator is partnering with the Salvation Army to offer free hot lunches beginning on Friday, Jan. 27 at noon.

“There is an escalating need,” said Larry Leckie of Petrolia’s Community Refrigerator and anybody who is struggling to make ends meet is welcome.

“If a person says there are in need, there is no questions asked,” said Leckie. There is no proof needed to show your need.

The Salvation Army contacted the Petrolia Community Refrigerator and asked if it could come to its St. Paul’s United Church site to distribute hot meals to those who need it. St. Paul’s United Church Board and the Petrolia Community Refrigerator Committee both approved the idea and the partnership was born.

Hot lunches will be available through the Salvation Army’s community outreach truck every second and fourth Friday of the month and will be given out on a take-out basis. He is hoping between 18 and 24 meals can be given out this Friday. It might take a little bit to catch on,” Leckie said, but those who are not able to make it at noon, there will be lunches left at the Petrolia Community Refrigerator facility, which can be picked up at any time.

The Petrolia Community Refrigerator opened in November 2021. Last summer, the organization did a survey to determine how many people use the service. It was found on average 35 people use the Petrolia Community Refrigerator a day. The Petrolia community is excellent in giving its support to the program, he said. Petrolia Community Refrigerator is also a member of Second Harvest, which conducts food rescue operations and works to save food, which would otherwise be wasted.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent