Hot sun and steep slopes don't mix this weekend: Yukon Avalanche Association

Heading into the busiest weekend of the season in the White Pass and Haines Pass areas, the Yukon Avalanche Association is reminding backcountry users to make good terrain choices to manage hazards caused by warmer days.

"We've kind of transitioned out of the deep cold of winter and into the more classic spring conditions," said Ben Horowitz, the association's communications director.

"With that, you see really intense daytime warming and with it, this melt-freeze cycle."

Horowitz says it's best to avoid bigger terrain and avalanche run-out zones when the sun's packing a punch. 

The other problem that has been plaguing conditions all winter is a weak layer in the snowpack, which Horowitz says is still "very much a concern." 

Stability has improved, he said, but there is still the potential to trigger large avalanches or "sleeping dragons."

"You don't want to wake up the dragons." 

Tools and resources for learning more about avalanche conditions and terrain choices are available on the Yukon Avalanche Association website.