Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck comes with a broken-glass sticker (UPDATE: The big one sold out)

Tony Markovich

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Update: Per the official Hot Wheels Twitter account, the 1:10 scale RC Cybertruck has sold out. The smaller example is still available. You can join a wait list to find out when the 1:10 scale moel will be available for order again by following this link. The text has been updated to reflect this information.)

At last, the Tesla Cybertruck has realized the form it was always destined to take. Three months after the debut of the polarizing electric pickup, Mattel's Hot Wheels announced two different Cybertruck toys this week, both of which can be remotely controlled through radio frequencies. One can fit on that famous orange track, the other might do better on sidewalks or a backyard off-road course.

In the same week it debuted an all-new set of Fast & Furious-inspired toys, Hot Wheels took to social media to debut two new Tesla toys. This comes at no surprise, as Hot Wheels already offers the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Roadster as traditional Hot Wheels. There's even a Model S out there that looks similar to the Plaid model. The Cybertrucks are more advanced, however, with built-in remote-control capabilities. 

The Cybertruck comes in two sizes: a limited-edition 1:10 scale or a less-expensive 1:64 scale. The 1:10 model, which has a pistol-style remote control, is extremely detailed, down to a hilarious reusable shattered-glass sticker that mocks the fail at the launch event. It also has functioning headlights and taillights, a tonneau cover, and a telescopic tailgate that fold out as a loading ramp. Hot Wheels went so far as to give it all-wheel drive as well, and it has Chill or Sport driving modes that can get up to 25-plus mph. Those interested in the vehicles inner-workings will be pleased to know the plastic body can be removed to see the interior, the battery, and the drivetrain. The large truck has a 9.9-v, 3300-mAh rechargeable battery, and the run-to-charge time is 1:1.

The small RC car is less technical but still has some fun features and a gaming-style remote control. The three-inch machine has two-wheel drive but has Chill or Sport driving modes like its big bro. Tapping into its playful nature, Hot Wheels says the 1:64 car can get up to 500 mph scale speed (250 mph for the 1:10), but no zero-to-60 mph times were released. More disappointing, Hot Wheels did not release any Nürburgring lap times.

As is typical of any Tesla, the time between order and actually taking delivery of the purchased product is extremely long. Although both toys are available to pre-order now, Mattel says not to expect deliveries until mid-December 2020. For some, this might be the earliest they've ever started their holiday shopping. The RC vehicle was available for pre-order 1:10 model for $400, but has already sold out. You can sign up to receive notifications when it becomes available again. The 1:64 model for $20 is still available for ordering.