How hot was it in Windsor today? Hot enough to bake cookies in your car

·1 min read

Soaring temperatures made for a muggy and humid day in Windsor Wednesday — it got so hot that CBC Windsor was able to bake cookies on a car's dashboard.

In a special weather statement issued for the region by Environment Canada, the agency told residents to prepare for "exceptionally" hot conditions Wednesday. Temperatures inside the vehicle started at 25 C and eventually reached 50 C.

It took four hours for the cookies to bake.

According to Environment Canada's website, temperatures peaked at 33 C around 4 p.m, with a humidex value of 44.

Despite this, the agency said the region will not be issued a heat warning as it won't meet the criteria. In order for a heat warning to be issued, temperatures must remain above 31 C or humidex values need to be 42 or higher and the overnight low must be 21 C or higher for at least two days.

Environment Canada said temperatures are expected to drop to 18 C early Thursday morning.

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