Hotel accommodations made available to patients needing to self-isolate

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More people across the province are now eligible for provincial support when having to self-isolate in a hotel.

The Alberta government launched a program in December for Edmonton and Calgary residents required to self-isolate but who couldn’t do so at home.

The program offers free accommodations at designated hotels and an additional $625 in support, according to the Alberta government. Patients can call 211 to access isolation hotels.

Under the program, eligible patients with a referral from AHS can stay at a hotel for up to 14 days for free, with food and other supports at a designated hotel, municipal affairs minister Ric McIver said Monday.

Patients are not required to pay on check-in; the hotel directly bills the province. The government has agreements with various hotels for reserving rooms for people who are isolating.

Patients don’t have to show the hotel a credit card, but hotels may ask, said a municipal affairs spokesperson.

Upon completion of the stay the patient may be eligible for the additional $625 in support, McIver added. This can help if the recipients lost income while isolating.

McIver said the impetus for expanding eligibility was recognizing many other areas of Alberta have the same living conditions as the neighbourhoods where the program initiated in Edmonton and Calgary.

These include homes with multi-generational families, he said. First Nations communities and Métis settlements particularly show a need for the program, McIver said.

Since the program was launched more than 850 people have since accessed hotels for self-isolation.

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News