House of Commons video appears to pick up Trudeau complaining about Mulcair

Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons. Photo from CP Images

A heated Question Period got a little hotter yesterday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was heard on video from the House of Commons mocking NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

“It’s amazing the NDP rejected him,” said the Prime Minister (around the 47 second mark of the CTV News video below) after the NDP leader attacked the prime minister for dodging questions and attempting to change parliamentary procedures.

A few seconds later, a voice that again sounds like Trudeau joked about Mulcair’s position in the party, asking, “The outgoing leader? The interim leader?”

The NDP leader accused Trudeau of being more contemptuous of Parliament than former prime minister Stephen Harper.

“Stephen Harper took all questions every day during the Senate scandal,”  said Mulcair, earning the applause of the opposition benches.

“The prime minister wants to change the fundamental rules of Parliament in order to help himself. And why all of this? Well, because he says he values question period and accountability. That’s why he wants to scrap it. If that’s true, why doesn’t he stand and ask Canadians to listen to answers to some of our questions for once instead of his usual platitudes or non-answers?”

CTV reports the Prime Minister’s Office did not deny that he had made those remarks about Mulcair.