Some House Republicans Are Reportedly Plotting To Oust Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) could soon face a push for his own ouster, according to CNN and Fox News.

The Florida congressman said Sunday that he will attempt to strip House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of his gavel after the California Republican relied on Democrats to pass stopgap spending legislation that narrowly averted a government shutdown over the weekend.

Gaetz’s threat, which he has been repeating for weeks, has apparently rankled some of his colleagues.

“We want him out,” one unnamed Republican lawmaker told CNN in a report published Sunday.

Gaetz is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee over allegations of sexual misconduct, illicit drug use and corruption. He has denied wrongdoing.

The Republican lawmaker told CNN that Gaetz could be ousted by those who oppose him if he’s found guilty.

Fox News reported Sunday that members of the House Republican conference are preparing a motion to expel Gaetz if the ethics committee’s report does not clear him of wrongdoing. It would take a two-thirds vote in the House to expel him.

“No one can stand him at this point. A smart guy without morals,” one member said, according to Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich.

Gaetz responded to her report:

The Florida lawmaker led a faction of hard-line conservatives that insisted on passing spending legislation that included cuts and other measures.

McCarthy was forced to turn to House Democrats for support to prevent a government closure.

Multiple Republican lawmakers have been publicly critical of Gaetz’s antics. Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) said Sunday that his colleague’s push to unseat McCarthy is a “diatribe of delusional thinking.”

“Look, we’re in a divided government and in a divided government, any final bill is going to have bipartisan support,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Asked on Fox News whether he would support a push to oust Gaetz, Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-Fla.) said he would have to see what the charges are against him.

“Expelling a member of Congress is a very serious concern,” he said. “And I have serious disagreements with Mr. Gaetz ... He is Joe Biden’s favorite Republican because he causes a lot of confusion and dissension inside the party itself.”