House of Trees Brings Christmas Spirit and Beauty

·1 min read

The House of Christmas Trees was able to open to the public (by appointment only) on December 12th. The event's format was slightly altered from what had been planned initially due to the latest COVID-19 health restrictions. However, everyone still appeared to enjoy their experience. Visitors needed to wear their masks and could only view the house with others if they were all from the same household.

The response from the community was excellent, with a large turnout of eager visitors. The organizers of the event reported that it was a very positive experience. Throughout the day, all of the visitors followed the COVID-19 health precautions without issue or complaint, even if they had to wait for a spell before they could come in.

The House of Christmas Trees was beautifully decorated, with something new to see in each of the rooms on the main floor. The numerous Christmas trees were decked out in varying styles and displayed a dazzling array of colours.

The community of Swan Hills showed tremendous support for this endeavour in several different ways. Members of the community helped to make this project a reality with the generous donations of the use of their Christmas trees, and in some cases, the donation of the trees themselves. Altogether the organizers of the House of Christmas Trees raised close to $500 for Communities in Bloom, from donations made at the house and from the sale of Christmas crafts at the Super A.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette