New housing development in Glencoe

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GLENCOE - A new housing subdivision with 53 new homes in Glencoe was approved unanimously by Southwest Middlesex council and is awaiting approval from the County of Middlesex.

The new neighbourhood would have 27 lots for single-detached dwellings and 13 lots for 26 semi-detached dwellings. Two new public roads would need to be built with access from Stella Avenue on the northeast edge of town.

Right now the land is an empty field about 9.4 acres or 3.8 hectares in size. It would be built beside an automobile recycling facility, a concern voiced at the public meeting held back on Apr. 21, 2021.

Planner Stephanie Poirier said the industrial business requires a 70-metre setback from any residential development, something she says will be maintained.

The other concern was the proximity to a CN Rail line. The developer got a noise impact study that municipal staff deemed satisfactory.

Neighbours including a nearby church were also weary of what would happen with stormwater, but Poirier said that the developer again heard the concern and revised its stormwater study after the public meeting two years ago. Further engineering and design will be required, according to Poirier.

The mix if housing types is a goal of the new Ontario housing law.

“It has a compact form and a mix of housing densities that allow for an efficient use of the land,” said Poirier.

Lot frontages for single-detached range in size from 11 metres to 17 metres, and areas of 385 square metres to 612 square metres.

The semi-detached have lot frontages of 10.5 metres per unit or greater. The areas for each unit are the same as the single-detached.

“It’s always a joy to hear those development proposals come to council. It stabilizes taxation and move the municipality forward,” said Mayor Allan Mayhew.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner