Housing prices a key priority, says Brockton mayor

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BROCKTON – Mayor Chris Peabody said Tuesday, just prior to the start of the special council meeting to create a Strategic Action Plan, that housing prices are something that can’t wait for long-term planning.

“Something has to be done now,” he said.

A survey was done to “tap public sentiment” on main priorities. Among the topics was housing prices.

“This has to be tackled,” said Peabody.

He noted some municipalities are already working on it. A small townhouse development with plans for a secondary suite in each main unit was recently approved in Kincardine.

Other municipalities are looking into the issue, and solutions are out there.

“I’ll be pushing for that,” the mayor said. “We’ll all be pushing for that.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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