Houston Teacher Makes Bench Bridge for Students After School Floods

After a Houston, Texas, elementary school flooded on Thursday, September 19, one teacher made a bridge of benches so the young students could get to the cafeteria for lunch.

This video was taken by a teacher who chose to remain anonymous.

She said that after the rain started pouring down at around 11 am local time, there were inches of water in the walkway. She and other teachers knew the children would be cold in wet clothes, entering air-conditioned buildings, so one teacher decided to use benches as a walkway.

“He started grabbing the benches and he made a long bridge for the kids,” she said.

“The video was taken to share the circumstances that the students and faculty face every time it rains. It showed teachers jumping into action and doing what was necessary to make sure those students felt safe and secure. The students are the priority and nothing else mattered in that moment,” the uploader said.

She added: “It was also taken because no one for one moment would believe that this happens and it is time for HISD [Houston Independent School District] to do something about it. Each year schools are placed on a list to get a bond for a new school building, but this school, which is 50 years old, continues to get overlooked. When will these students become a priority for HISD like they are for the staff and community who pour into these children each and every day?” Credit: Anonymous via Storyful