Howick Township council approves first draft of budget

HOWICK – On Feb. 28, at a special council meeting, the first draft budget was presented by ​​Treasurer Brenda Weishar to members of Howick council.

Council received and approved the 2023 first draft budget in principle, with a total levy increase of $294,952.38 – an increase in the 2023 tax rate of 5.80 per cent.

“Staff had moved a 2022 surplus of $62,000 from general (budget) to reserves that was due to lower the amount of tax write-offs. It has been brought back in to general in order to lower the proposed tax rate increase from 7.43 per cent to 5.80 per cent for 2023,” explained Weishar in her report.

For the current draft budget, the expenses total $7,331,571.81 and the revenues total $3,292,008.27. The difference to be raised by taxation, or the levy, is $4,039,563.54.

This is an increase, as 2022’s levy was $3,744,611.16. The increase over the 2022 levy is 7.30 per cent or $294,952.38. The increase in tax rate is 5.80 per cent.

Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner