Howie Mandel clarifies wife Terry was high, not drunk, during fall

Howie Mandel detailed a gory night after his wife Terry slipped in a hotel room.
Howie Mandel detailed a gory night after his wife Terry slipped in a hotel room.

Howie Mandel is clarifying what led up to the mishap that landed his wife in the hospital.

Earlier this week, the "America's Got Talent" judge, 68, appeared on "Live With Kelly and Mark," where he discussed how a Las Vegas night out in February with his wife, Terry Mandel, went wrong.

"We partied. It was too much. She was tipsy. I did not know that, and in the middle of the night she got up and, I don't know where she was headed, but she headed into the wall. She fell and hit the wainscoting," Mandel recalled of the incident. "She hit that as she went down."

He later clarified on "TMZ Live" Tuesday that his wife wasn't drunk, she was high on edibles.

"(Terry) is so worried that people are going to intervene with her alcohol. She doesn't have an alcohol problem," Howie Mandel said. "I'm gonna tell you the truth. She took gummies."

He continued: "So it's not an alcohol problem. She was high."

Howie Mandel's wife had a gruesome injury while tipsy. Injuries under the influence are a huge issue

On "Live with Kelly and Mark" on Monday, Mandel said his wife "slipped, went down, hit that on her eye, fell on the floor, and broke her cheek."

Producers flashed an image of Mandel's wife, revealing a dark purple bruise under her eye and a two-inch cut on her forehead.

Mandel said he "freaked out" in the moment because "there's blood everywhere" and his attempts at stopping the situation from getting worse were not panning out. "I saw her head, and you could actually see her skull. It opened up. I freaked."

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The comedian said he called hotel staff, who sent up multiple security guards, rather than medical assistance, to their room. He joked that the optics did not look good, especially because prior to his wife's fall, she had "Snapped" playing on the TV.

"If someone was ever beat up in that room, I promise it would be me. I am the most annoying person in the world," Mandel joked. "My wife is a saint."

Terry was brought to the hospital and has since made a full recovery, according to Mandel. "She is absolutely perfect. There's not a scar. She's beautiful," he said as a picture of the pair confirmed her visible injuries were gone.

"People said, 'What happened?' and she said, 'Vegas,'" he quipped.

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